Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Subtitles

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome subtitles
6.0 10 7578
Actor: Mel Gibson, Bruce Spence, Adam Cockburn, Tina Turner
Bartertown is a city on the edge of a desert that has managed to retain some technology if no civilization. Max has his supplies stolen and must seek shelter there in a post apocalyptic world where all machines have begun to break down and barbarians hold what is left. He becomes involved in a power struggle in this third Mad Max film where he must first survive the town, survive the desert and then rescue the innocent children he has discovered.
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  • tt0089530 IMDB Code:
  • 1985 Released:
  • 2021-01-05 00:00:00 Date Updated:
  • Terry Hayes, George MillerWriter:
  • George Miller, George OgilvieDirector:

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Trailer:

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