• Nimby subtitles


    2020 year 94 min min 5.3 IMDB
    Susanna Pukkila, Almila Bagriacik, Elias Westerberg
    Mervi and Kata, a lesbian couple living in Helsinki, are considering coming out of closet. They soon realize that they are not the only ones with secrets.
  • Kade Haan Kade Naa subtitles

    Kade Haan Kade Naa

    2021 year N/A min 0.0 IMDB
    Singga, Sanjana Singh, B.N. Sharma
    "Kade Haan Kade Naa" movie is a romantic comedy featuring Singga and Sanjana Singh. The plot of the movie story is based on a confusing situation with the characters.
  • Mon Son Phee subtitles

    Mon Son Phee

    2015 year N/A min 5.8 IMDB
    Nutcha Jeka, Sean Jindachot, Timethai Plangsilp
  • Raising the Costa Concordia subtitles

    Raising the Costa Concordia

    2014 year 60 min min 7.1 IMDB
    Nick Brimble
    The inside story of the race to raise and re-float the Costa Concordia shipwreck.
  • Hydra subtitles


    2019 year 77 min min 6.5 IMDB
    Masanori Mimoto, Miu, Tasuku Nagase
    Hydra - a small bar in the middle of Tokyo. There's Takashi, standoffish guy working where he hides his another identity of a highly skilled hit man now has to face a b...
  • Belgica subtitles


    2016 year 127 min min 6.7 IMDB
    Stef Aerts, Tom Vermeir, Stefaan De Winter
    The drama follows two brothers who start a bar and get swept up in its success in the midst of Belgium's nightlife scene.
  • Stolen subtitles


    2011 year 90 min min 6.3 IMDB
    Inokentijs Vitkevics, Anna Krippa, Iulia Iarova, Yusra Warsama
    A fast-paced human trafficking thriller about modern-day child slavery, with the heart-stopping vibrancy, compassion and energy that only the fate of children inspires.
  • Bloody Chainsaw Girl subtitles

    Bloody Chainsaw Girl

    2016 year 76 min min 4.6 IMDB
    Mizuho Abe, Seijirô Nakamura, Ray Nishimura
    Giko Nokomura is a delinquent girl and a senior in middle school. She struggles to kill zombies who were her classmates.
  • The Barkleys of Broadway subtitles

    The Barkleys of Broadway

    1949 year 109 min min 7.0 IMDB
    Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Oscar Levant
    A married musical team splits up so the wife can become a serious actress.
  • Rabid Dogs subtitles

    Rabid Dogs

    2015 year 100 min min 5.8 IMDB
    Lambert Wilson, Virginie Ledoyen, Guillaume Gouix
    After a bank job goes badly wrong, three desperate criminals take a young woman and a father and child hostage - it's the beginning of a frantic and violent road trip t...
  • Honey Cigar subtitles

    Honey Cigar

    2020 year 100 min min 6.0 IMDB
    Zoé Adjani, Amira Casar, Lyès Salem
    Selma, 17, who lives in a bourgeois and secular Berber family. When she meets Julien in college, she realizes for the first time the impact of patriarchal rules on her ...
  • Re-Kill subtitles


    2015 year 88 min min 5.0 IMDB
    Bruce Payne, Daniella Alonso, Roger Cross
    It's been 5 years since the Re-Animates outbreak that wiped out 85% of the world's population. Within a few cities, the Re-Animates have been segregated into "zones" an...
  • Just Another Girl on the I.R.T. subtitles

    Just Another Girl on the I.R.T.

    1992 year 92 min min 6.4 IMDB
    Ariyan A. Johnson, Kevin Thigpen, Ebony Jerido
    With hopes of becoming a doctor and not a product of her environment, a Brooklyn teenager is faced with numerous challenges that threaten her dreams.
  • The Eye of the Monocle subtitles

    The Eye of the Monocle

    1962 year 105 min min 6.2 IMDB
    Paul Meurisse, Elga Andersen, Gaia Germani
    In 1943, a German commando conceals a large quantity of gold in an undersea cave on the coast of Corsica. Years later, Schlumpf, the sole survivor of the commando, retu...
  • Ram Asur subtitles

    Ram Asur

    2021 year 132 min min 9.3 IMDB
    Sherry Agarwal, Ram Karthik, Abhinav Sardhar
    The film's story is said to be set in two different eras: one is story set in 1989 while the other that runs concurrently is set in 2020. What's the connection between ...
  • Murina subtitles


    2021 year 92 min min 7.2 IMDB
    Gracija Filipovic, Danica Curcic, Leon Lucev
    A teenage girl decides to replace her controlling father with his wealthy foreign friend during a weekend trip to the Adriatic Sea.
  • Liv Forever subtitles

    Liv Forever

    Documentary , Sport
    2020 year 43 min min 7.2 IMDB
    Gionna Daddio, Dori Elizabeth Prange, Sarah Bridges, Pamela Martinez
    Liv Morgan will introduces the world to Gionna Daddio, a struggling high school student with your dreams of becoming a WWE superstar. In her own words, Liv will navigat...
  • Luzzu subtitles


    2021 year 94 min min 7.1 IMDB
    Filip Sertic, Seda Güven, Julian Ferro
    A man risks everything to provide for his wife and newborn son by entering Malta's black-market fishing industry.
  • Arctic Void subtitles

    Arctic Void

    Sci-Fi , Thriller
    2022 year 85 min 4.7 IMDB
    Michael Weaver, Tim Griffin, Justin Huen
    When the power mysteriously fails, and almost everyone vanishes from a small tourist vessel in the Arctic, fear becomes the master for the three who remain. Forced asho...
  • Paper Covers Rock subtitles

    Paper Covers Rock

    2008 year 90 min min 6.6 IMDB
    Jeannine Kaspar, Sayra Player, Clint Jordan
    A troubled young woman fights for custody of her six year-old daughter.
  • The Halfway House subtitles

    The Halfway House

    1944 year 78 min min 6.8 IMDB
    Mervyn Johns, Glynis Johns, Tom Walls
    A group of travellers, all with something to hide in their past, take shelter from a storm in an old inn. The inn-keeper seems a little mysterious...
  • LOL (Laughing Out Loud) subtitles

    LOL (Laughing Out Loud)

    2008 year 103 min min 6.3 IMDB
    Sophie Marceau, Christa Théret, Jérémy Kapone
    When Lola's boyfriend is unfaithful to her on his summer holiday, she dumps him and flirts with his best friend as punishment. But as their class prepares to leave on a...
  • Taking Stock subtitles

    Taking Stock

    2015 year 75 min min 3.9 IMDB
    Kelly Brook, Georgia Groome, Scot Williams
    A 'Bonnie and Clyde' inspired contemporary comedy drama.
  • Black Souls subtitles

    Black Souls

    2014 year 109 min min 6.8 IMDB
    Marco Leonardi, Peppino Mazzotta, Fabrizio Ferracane
    The story of three brothers, the sons of a shepherd, close to the ndrangheta and of their divided soul.
  • The Continent subtitles

    The Continent

    2014 year 105 min min 6.2 IMDB
    Shaofeng Feng, Bo-lin Chen, Wallace Chung
    Three men living in the Eastern most island of China go on a road trip to the Western most end of the country, and facing crises of love, friendship, and faith on their...
  • Empire of Silver subtitles

    Empire of Silver

    Biography , Drama , Family
    2009 year 113 min min 6.0 IMDB
    Aaron Kwok, Tielin Zhang, Lei Hao
    In 1899, a care-free young man must prepare to take over his family's Chinese banking empire.
  • Betty White Goes Wild subtitles

    Betty White Goes Wild

    2013 year 60 min min 6.6 IMDB
    Betty White, Emily Robinson
    Seven-time Emmy Award winner Betty White shares her love for animals and VIP backstage pass to three of America's top zoos and safari parks for a characteristically irr...
  • Mon Mon Mon Monsters subtitles

    Mon Mon Mon Monsters

    2017 year 113 min min 6.1 IMDB
    Eugenie Liu, Kent Tsai, Yu-Kai Teng
    A group of teenagers capture a man-eating monster.
  • The Jack in the Box: Awakening subtitles

    The Jack in the Box: Awakening

    2022 year 89 min 5.8 IMDB
    Matt McClure, Mollie Hindle, James Swanton
    When a vintage Jack-in-the-box is opened by a dying woman, she enters into a deal with the demon within that would see her illness cured in return for helping it claim ...
  • The Pilot. A Battle for Survival subtitles

    The Pilot. A Battle for Survival

    2021 year 105 min min 6.2 IMDB
    Maksim Emelyanov, Pyotr Fyodorov, Michael Ihnow
    December of 1941, Northwestern Front. A German tank column is moving towards Moscow. During a mission to stop the enemy advance, Nikolai Komlev's IL-2 is shot down. Kom...
  • The Lost Treasure subtitles

    The Lost Treasure

    Adventure , Comedy , Family
    2022 year 70 min min 8.2 IMDB
    Stella Tinucci, Josh Margulies, Dezmond Gilla
    Eddie Fox, a hustling treasure hunter, finds himself forced to embark on a journey into the jungle to prevent a power hungry egomaniac from finding an ancient weapon th...
  • Easter Island Unsolved subtitles

    Easter Island Unsolved

    2018 year 44 min min 0.0 IMDB
    Mitchell Alapa, Jani Benzou, Peter DeMeo
    Easter island is rich of mysteries. Where are the Rapa Nui? They have created the Moai. The scientists and archaeologists try to explain the reason of their disappearan...
  • Into the Canyon subtitles

    Into the Canyon

    2019 year 84 min min 7.3 IMDB
    Kevin Fedarko, Peter McBride
    Two journalists traverse the Grand Canyon by foot, hoping to better understand the revered canyon.
  • A Dangerous Defense subtitles

    A Dangerous Defense

    2021 year 85 min 6.0 IMDB
    Anita Leeman Torres, Sabrina Stull, Scott Christopher
    An ambitious attorney must determine whether her estranged sister is responsible for their father's death-or if it's someone else close to home.
  • The Free Fall subtitles

    The Free Fall

    2021 year 82 min min 6.6 IMDB
    Andrea Londo, Shawn Ashmore, Jane Badler
    After attempting to take her own life, a young woman must wrestle with an overbearing husband.
  • Raja Vikramarka subtitles

    Raja Vikramarka

    2021 year 138 min min 8.9 IMDB
    Kartikeya Gummakonda, Tanya Ravichandran, Sudhakar Komakula
    Raja Vikramarka is a newly recruit N.I.A. Officer who is getting accustomed with the nuances of his new job, has to handle his first major case due to ironic circumstan...
  • Rumah Maduku Berhantu subtitles

    Rumah Maduku Berhantu

    2021 year N/A min 0.0 IMDB
    Saiful Apek, Nadia Brian, Zizan Razak
    Saufi is a real estate agent who lives happily with his wife Sofea and their daughter. His old pal Ali persuades Saufi to do him a favour by being a 'Pak Sanggup' by ma...
  • How to Get Away with Cheating subtitles

    How to Get Away with Cheating

    2018 year 115 min min 0.0 IMDB
    Tevin Baker, Tristian Nicolle Castro, Janae Corbett
    Although Professor Alex P. Keating and his wife Olivia's marriage has hit a bit of a dry spell, his professional life could not be better. Based on the success of his s...
  • Belle subtitles


    1973 year 96 min min 6.6 IMDB
    Jean-Luc Bideau, Danièle Delorme, Adriana Bogdan
    The aging romancier Mathieu Grégoire falls in love with a female stranger who doesn't even understand his language. Their uncommon relationship upsets his family.
  • Maruta 2: Laboratory of the Devil subtitles

    Maruta 2: Laboratory of the Devil

    1992 year 96 min min 4.1 IMDB
    Yishou Jiang, Yuen-Ching Leung, Xingqiang Li
    In the spring of 1935, Japan established a secret base, Unit 731 in Manchuria, where many innocent Chinese, Korean and Mongolian people were killed in grotesque experim...
  • The Curse of La Patasola subtitles

    The Curse of La Patasola

    2022 year 84 min 4.0 IMDB
    Patrick R. Walker, Luciana Faulhaber, Najah Bradley
    On a weekend camping trip, two struggling couples are haunted by La Patasola, a famed vampiric monster from Amazonian folklore, testing their relationships, morality, a...
  • Doing Hard Time subtitles

    Doing Hard Time

    2004 year 100 min min 4.9 IMDB
    Boris Kodjoe, Michael Kenneth Williams, Sticky Fingaz, Reagan Gomez-Preston
    A father's eight year old son is murdered in a gangland shooting. The father (Boris Kodjoe) gets himself thrown into prison to avenge his son's death.
  • Tiger Raid subtitles

    Tiger Raid

    2016 year 92 min min 4.4 IMDB
    Brian Gleeson, Damien Molony, Sofia Boutella
    Two cold-blooded mercenaries form an unlikely bond as they race across the desert in the dead of night.
  • The Long Ride Home: Part 2 subtitles

    The Long Ride Home: Part 2

    2021 year 57 min min 0.0 IMDB
    Brenda Dubois, Tristen Durocher, Brock Fourstar
    In 2020 a global pandemic struck the world, shutting down entire countries and forcing people into the safety of isolation. Centred with ceremony a courageous group of ...
  • Nijinsky subtitles


    1980 year 129 min min 6.7 IMDB
    Alan Bates, George De La Pena, Leslie Browne
    The story of Vaslav Nijinsky, who is widely believed to be one of the greatest ballet dancers of all time. Based on Romola Nijinsky's "Last Years Of Nijinski.
  • Stoker Hills subtitles

    Stoker Hills

    2020 year 91 min min 0.0 IMDB
    Tony Todd, Steffani Brass, David Gridley
    Three college students filming a horror movie find themselves trapped in their own worst nightmare. Their only hope for survival is two detectives who find the camera t...
  • Italian Studies subtitles

    Italian Studies

    2021 year 81 min min 6.0 IMDB
    Vanessa Kirby, David Ajala, Annika Wahlsten
    A writer loses her memory. Adrift in NYC, she connects with a group of teenagers - in conversations both real and imagined - and searches for a way home.
  • Sex Appeal subtitles

    Sex Appeal

    Comedy , Drama , Romance
    2022 year N/A min 5.6 IMDB
    Margaret Cho, Paris Jackson, Fortune Feimster
    Avery, a teenager with a tendency towards perfectionism, enlists her friend Larson to help her prepare for her first time with her long-distance boyfriend.
  • The Wake subtitles

    The Wake

    2017 year 86 min min 4.5 IMDB
    Bryan Brewer, Allie Rivera, Darla Delgado
    A group of friends attend the wake of a child they accidentally killed with their car. Once at the wake, they find themselves trapped and stalked by a masked assailant.
  • The Adventures of RoboRex subtitles

    The Adventures of RoboRex

    2014 year 87 min min 5.0 IMDB
    Ben Browder, Kalvin Stinger, Ethan Phillips
    James Miller has only one friend in the world, his beloved Labrador Retriever, Rex. But when a strange capsule lands in the his backyard and a robot dog emerges, his li...